We focus on upskilling your team to use our best practice approach 

We train your team to apply our unique self service consulting engagement approach and diagnostics to solve your complex business problems faster through our lean coaching oriented approach 

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Common Client Challenges

We understand the pressures that you are under to address a myriad of different problems by understanding and assessing the relevant choices and options available to you. Our passion as a business is to help you tackle the problems, assess the options and make the right decisions. We wont always agree but we will offer you our frank, honest and independent opinion based on your unique circumstances, context and situation and guided by our experiences and lessons learned.

Outlined below are just a few of the typical problem areas that we can help you with. We would welcome the opportunity to help you, so do give us a call or arrange a confidential meeting to discuss further.  

Addressing the brexit Challenge

We help clients to understand the breadth, depth and scope of the EU's reach and impact. Identify the macroeconomic developments they need to keep a watching eye on and assess the microeconomic impact on their business. We also provide clients with recommendations on how to organise to tackle the problem and demonstrate how our engagement approach and BREXIT diagnostic models can be used by your team to tackle the challenge practically. 

Places on our public  "Addressing The BREXIT Challenge" training courses being run at the Institute of Directors can be booked via Eventbrite by following the link on the title.

In addition we are running on-site or off-site courses tailored to your needs. Do call us to book a private BREXIT training course for your team. 

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Driving Organic Sales Growth

We provide consultative selling training and advisory services designed to help your account managers, business development directors and sales team to improve their understanding of their clients concerns. We help your sales team to develop stronger, closer, and deeper relationships through improved engagement.  

In addition we enhance their ability to position your full portfolio of products and services in a more integrated manner rather than as a set of discreet, silo based propositions.

We work with your account teams to help them develop an effective account strategic growth plan to drive growth and increase revenues in the short, medium and long term with new and existing client accounts.

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Improving Customer Experience & Service Quality

Given the ferocity of competition faced by companies and organisations and the increasingly high expectations of customers and consumers it has never been more important to ensure that you deliver the best possible customer experience and superior service quality. The rise of social media and ease of communication globally today means that a brand can be literally built or destroyed in a day.

We help you to analyse your processes, controls, operating models, standard operating procedures, monitoring mechanisms and use of technology in order to determine how the combination can be improved, optimised and enhanced to deliver a faster, easier best practice customer experience and service quality that is second to none. 

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Accelerating Time To Market

Businesses and organisations today cannot stand still for a second. The pace of change fuelled by new technologies, demanding customer expectations and the drive to innovate are pushing businesses to accelerate the way they innovate, create new products and services and shorten the time taken to deliver to the market.

We help you to not only think creatively and innovate but also to implement the cultural change necessary to inspire the rest of your organisation to contribute to innovation whether it is through new product or service design, improvements to current products and services or improving the way your processes work internally and / or externally with your customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, business partners and wider stakeholder communities.

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Harnessing Digital Technology As The Enabler For Change

Every one from the Big 5 management consulting firms through to SME business owners are talking about the importance of the rise of digital technology driven by cloud based applications and infrastructures, the internet of things, big data analytics, the need to harness social media and leverage new digital media channels to market.

Many are jumping on the bandwagon to pioneer and explore this brave new world. However many are also underestimating the real practical challenges associated with moving from the old world of in-house safe secure, technology solutions owned and managed by you or your outsource partners to a new world of externally managed technology solutions. The new world is typically comprised of a multitude of point solutions where migration of key data from old to new world can be problematic and where lack of integration between external point solutions can significantly impact breadth, quality and speed of service.

We have a strong ERP background grounded in addressing the issues of data migration, technology simplification and integration and are as a result able to help you think through and solve the challenges of moving from old to new world. In addition, the business case has to stack up we help you to assess if it makes good commercial sense and help you to understand the true costs of transformation involved.

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Innovation That Delivers Practical Tangible Results

Businesses and organisations today often see innovation as a broken and expensive process that fails to generate the practical bottom line results required.

In order to change this perception it is critical to implement an organisation wide cultural change program. This has to motivate, inspire, incentivise and reward staff to be creative, innovate and drive change that matters. Their contribution must deliver hard tangible business outcomes based benefits.

Equally important is to have a well-defined set of criteria to evaluate suggestions put forward in a standardised and consistent manner. 

We can help you to drive the cultural change necessary by helping to implement a structured, formalised company wide innovation scheme backed by an appropriate reward structure to drive team members to take creative action and put forward their ideas for further consideration by management.

Equally, where staff make a contribution it is critical that it is recognised and rewarded.

In addition we can conduct a direct independent maturity assessment of your existing Research and Development, Sales, and Marketing business functions to determine their maturity, fitness for purpose and determine opportunities to improve and deliver additional value through innovation. 

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Smart Sustainable Cost Reduction For The Long Term

The rise to prominence of the accounting profession combined with the constant scrutiny of the financial markets and global media industry has meant that in many instances organisations have had to implement drastic cost cutting exercises and redundancy programmes under the banner of restructuring to survive.

Decisions have been taken with a focus on short term quick fixes which have undermined the organisations ability to survive as a long term viable business. Organisations have cut knowledgeable experienced staff and outsourced to external suppliers to cut costs to the bone.

The problem above has exacerbated problems around knowledge management, ownership and accountability in practice and has contributed to a huge enterprise and technological debt problem building up within many organisations today.

We help you to really examine the long term implications of the restructuring and sourcing decisions you are taken to ensure that you are fit for survival and growth not just to satisfy the short term needs of the financial markets. We help you to define transformational programmes with strong legs that really moves you in the direction of the long term business interest not the short term quick fix that kills your business in the long run. 

Aspire Performance Improvement, Growth, Maturity Assessments, Mentoring, Mergers, Performance Improvement, Strategic Account Growth Planning

Agile Business Operating Models, Processes & Procedures

In addition to the importance of accelerating time to market with new products and services it is critically important for the organisation to turn the analytical lens on itself and assess what can be done to accelerate its business and functional operating models and underpinning business processes.

Clearly defined governance mechanisms, efficient business processes, effective standard operating procedures, well-balanced use of automated and manual controls, and real-time monitoring mechanisms are required.

We help you to turn the lens on yourself to assess the current maturity and fitness for purpose of all of the above areas. We aim to determine where you are in order to understand and determine what can be done in order to accelerate and improve in the future.

This is achieved by strengthening governance mechanisms, formalising and enhancing business processes and standard operating procedures. Tightening controls by increasing the use of automation balanced and optimised with the right level of manual controls.

Equally critical is defining an appropriate set of performance metrics that focus on business outcomes and measure what really matters.    

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Adopting Organisational Resilience Enterprise Wide

With the rising threat from cybercrime and identity theft, regulatory bodies are increasingly imposing higher standards of protection and closer scrutiny of the organisations arrangements to protect and safeguard their customers and their data. Traditionally, organisations view resilience as a technology issue that ties in with disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Today though the issue is far broader as it is an enterprise wide issue with damaging consequences for the CEO and Board if the fail to act or ensure that adequate risk mitigation provisions have been taken.

We help our clients to understand the real breadth of the problem and put in place an enterprise wide resilience programme that addresses the people, cultural, process and technological change implications that need to be addressed to minimise the threats.     

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Adopting the Mantra Of Quality In Everything You Do

The mantra of continuous improvement through Total Quality Management (TQM) remains as critical today as it was when it was first introduced. The entire cultural fabric of the organisation needs to be orientated towards continually striving to improve every aspect of the organisations being.

Every member of the organisation has a part to play and each team member should act as a role model for others, setting high standards and  continually seeking improved methods, processes, procedures both internally and externally to the organisation.

We help you to assess the maturity of the organisations approach to quality management and continuous improvement, benchmark that performance and determine future improvements to drive change that delivers added value for the organisation.

Aspire Performance Improvement, Digital, Diagnostics, Training, Mentoring, Transformation, Diagnostics, Coaching, Consulting

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Aspire Performance Improvement, Digital, Diagnostics, Maturity Assessments, Coaching, Training, Diagnostics, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments
Aspire Performance Improvement, Diagnostics, Digital, Maturity Assessments, Acquisitions, Advisory, Business Transformation, Coaching

Aspire Performance Improvement Limited is an Executive Training, Advisory and Consulting Services company that specialises in empowering clients to solve their own complex problems and challenges by applying our lean, agile and cost effective coaching oriented approach. 

We specialise in 5 distinct areas today:

(1) Running Short Sharp Maturity Assessments and Self-Service Business Diagnostic engagements to drive client performance improvement initiatives in a standardised, structured and repeatable manner.

(2) Helping clients to address the complexity of the challenges presented by the UK's BREXIT decision 

(3) Helping to drive growth for our clients through Consultative Selling and Strategic Account Growth Planning training and support services to increase business with new prospects and existing clients

(4) M&A Services: Helping clients to optimise value from their merger, acquisition, divestments, and due diligence to support transactions from both a buy side and sell side perspective.

(5) Helping clients to assess how they can leverage Digital technology solutions to transform their ways of working internally and enrich their customers experiences.