We focus on upskilling your team to use our best practice approach 

We train your team to apply our unique self service consulting engagement approach and diagnostics to solve your complex business problems faster through our lean coaching oriented approach

Addressing the brexit challenge Workshop at the IoD, London

We have just launched our "Addressing The BREXIT Challenge" workshop series at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall office in London commencing 21st October 2016. The course is targeted at Business Directors and Senior Managers who want to proactively prepare for BREXIT and get ahead of their competition. Take advantage of the business opportunities already appearing, mitigate the risks, address the issues and start contingency planning for future scenarios using our practical and pragmatic approach.

The event can be found by searching on "Addressing The BREXIT Challenge" and booked on EVENTBRITE by clicking here.

we work differently to traditional consultancy firms to add greater value to you 

1. Sharing our Intellectual property to empower your team

We don't do consulting to you! We work through strategy and analytical work together collaboratively on a co-teamed basis.

We provide a lean and highly experienced team of ideally two senior business consultants to minimise the cost for your business and instead focus on leveraging your internal expertise through our unique facilitative, mentoring and coaching oriented approach.

We don't believe in deploying an external army of resource that keep the real experts of your business namely your team at arms length.

2. Our approach ensures your team is committed to the solution

Our approach ensures that your team is empowered to arrive at recommendations and solutions that they fully believe in and are committed to.

We focus on getting your team to be comfortable and confident taking ownership, accountability and responsibility for implementing the solution proposed and solving the problem or challenges.

We don't believe in giving you an expensive report that no one believes in and which ends up gathering dust on a shelf and is never actioned!

3. Cutting the cost of traditional consulting to the bone

Our unique innovative intellectual property led approach allows us to upskill your team and provide typically a lean team of two highly experienced business consultants. 

We deliver the initial training, support the scoping and resourcing of your strategic analytical exercise and then support, mentor and coach your team throughout the engagement.

We work with your team to ensure the final deliverables namely summary of recommendations report, business case for change, transformation roadmap, investment plans and programme /project charters are high quality, robust and of big four standard. 

This approach ensures the cost is between 10% and 20% of Big four standard strategic project cost, reducing the cost to you and improving the ROI on your investment by saving you typically £400k on the average 10 week project.

This allows that £400k to be directlyinvested in the solution rather than wasted on just writing a report.

4. Low risk and low cost evaluation of our approach

Try our one or two day training courses. They will deliver on four fronts as a minimum:

(a) They help you look holistically at your business and core functions to quickly assess maturity and pinpoint issues, dependencies, problems, risks and opportunities for performance improvement and growth.

(b) They will upskill your team in how to apply practical consulting best practice approaches to tackle your needs.

(c) The price includes a 12 month licence (per user) to use our training course and supporting collateral which we continually improve through collaboration with our partners, clients and you.

(d) At the very least we will arm you with a thorough understanding of best practice consulting approaches and brief you on how to negotiate the best deal if you decide that you really do need a big 4 or alternate consulting firms support.

5. Fast start option to tackle your needs quicker

Our low risk and low cost evaluation based approach means that you don't necessarily need to run an extensive and formal search and select exercise to select a partner to work with you.

We believe that the quality and unique collateral that we share during our courses will demonstrate that we can add significant value to your organisation.

If you like what you see then lets get on with solving your challenges. This will typically save you conducting a two to four month search and select exercise which further delays your ability to solve your problems in practice! 

6. we will not leave you to implement the solution yourself

If you need us to support, facilitate, coach, mentor or manage then we are there to help as a long term business partner who understands the importance of seeing programmes and projects through to completion with a focus on exceeding delivery expectations and realising the value promised in the business case.

IF Business As usual leaves you SHORT ON RESOURCE WE CAN HELP

Our rapidly expanding network of business partners, consultants, training professionals and ex-Industry leaders provides you with access to a resource pool of ex-big 4 and industry subject matter experts that can help with a wide range of topics, issues, problems and challenges. We welcome the opportunity to help you.   

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Aspire Performance Improvement, Digital, Diagnostics, Maturity Assessments, Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Mergers, Acquiaitions, Divestments
Aspire Performance Improvement, Logo, Diagnostics, Digital, Maturity Assessments

Aspire Performance Improvement Limited is an Executive Training, Advisory and Consulting Services company that specialises in empowering clients to solve their own complex problems and challenges by applying our lean, agile and cost effective coaching oriented approach. 

We specialise in 5 distinct areas today:

(1) Running Short Sharp Maturity Assessments and Self-Service Business Diagnostic engagements to drive client performance improvement initiatives in a standardised, structured and repeatable manner.

(2) Helping clients to address the complexity of the challenges presented by the UK's BREXIT decision 

(3) Helping to drive growth for our clients through Consultative Selling and Strategic Account Growth Planning training and support services to increase business with new prospects and existing clients

(4) M&A Services: Helping clients to optimise value from their merger, acquisition, divestments, and due diligence to support transactions from both a buy side and sell side perspective.

(5) Helping clients to assess how they can leverage Digital technology solutions to transform their ways of working internally and enrich their customers experiences.